Presented by a Demolition Service Provider

For the successful performance of the different types of demolition service, various kinds of demolition machines are needed. Here they are:

  1. Articulated Trucks. These trucks are vehicles that have a joint allowing them to make sharp turns. They speed up hauling since they are maneuverable and fast.
  2. Backhoe Loaders. These can have various attachments and are short reach. They can work in moderately small areas.
  3. Hydraulic Excavators. Providing for longer reach and power, they are a step up from the backhoe. Can be used with many attachments.
  4. Material Excavators. These machines’ main purpose is to take dismantled materials and load them on trucks for the purpose of removal.
  5. Multi Terrain Loaders. Small loaders work on different terrains and are very compact, which makes them suitable for small areas. Different attachments can be used with them.
  6. Skid Steer Loaders. These are very versatile. Their compactness makes them right for small areas. They can have different attachment, the most common of which is a bucket.
  7. Track Loaders. These are quite powerful and are used for raising and lifting. Usually used with a bucket.
  8. Track-Type Tractors. These machines are the most powerful ones. They are used for lifting and raising. Usually used with a bucket.
  9. Wheel Loaders. They are most suitable for loading and hauling debris and scrap.


  • Buckets. This attachment is the most common one. It has the broadest use, which includes raising, hauling, and digging. There are buckets of different shapes and sizes.
  • Grapples. These are used for the clearing of land and the digging of material. Excellent for loading and sorting.
  • Hammers. They are needed for the breaking of asphalt, concrete, rocks, foundations, roadways, sidewalks, walls, and other masonry materials
  • Multi Processors. These accessories cut, shear, and pulverize.
  • Pulverizers. These are ideal for breaking down masonry material into small pieces.
  • Shears. They are good for cutting cable, steel, and rebar.

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